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Monday, July 18, 2005

Comic-Con 2005 - 10 Artists

This week it will be all Comic-Con all the time.

Beware. I am unlikely to go on at length about the sneak preview of the "Doom" movie (but Lorenzo di Bonaventura has really put on weight and I am frankly worried about him--and where was Jon Farhat, once attached as director to my very own "Carnival Earth"?).

No, I won't talk about that.

Nor am I likely to relate the highlights of the Kevin Smith Q & A or of the "King Kong" panel--after which Tenacious D played a show to an audience of several thousand fans (Rob AttackCat is the music expert. Check him out for the dirt on The D). Why? Because I wasn't there. And why not? Was I insane? Where the hell I was and wherefore--that I will tell you all about. So stay tuned. Lots of good info to come.

Today, I'll keep it simple. There are scores of excellent artists at Comic-Con. And hundreds of good ones. And thousands of mediocre ones. And it's one thing to see the art in a book, another thing to get to see originals up close. To make a definitive list of "Best Artists" would be an exercise in eel-slippery subjectivity, also an exercise without much merit. It's all a matter of taste, isn't it? And feeling too. And other senses. Definitely not brainwork though. And never beyond questioning.

Here are 10 artists whose work knocked me out this weekend:

1.) Celia Calle
2.) Mark Fearing
3.) Andy Lee
4.) David Mack
5.) David Malki
6.) Alberto Ruiz
7.) Damion Scott
8.) Mark Smylie
9.) Heather Theurer
10.) Chris Wisnia

Who do you like?

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I took interest in...
broadviewgraphics.com and artwithlatex.com

- By Anonymous Athena007, at Tue Jul 19, 04:16:00 AM GMT+1  

Cool stuff. Even after two days at Comic-Con, you still only end up seeing a small part of the show. Thanks for the tips.

- By Blogger Neal Romanek, at Tue Jul 19, 05:55:00 PM GMT+1  

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