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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Houston - Viva Halliburton!

Have not heard from my brother Sean since yesterday when he was getting on a bus at the New Orleans Veterans Center, bound for Houston, the largest city in Texas.

We assume Sean is at the Houston Astrodome and that, being one of thousands who are trying to use the phone, is not able to contact us yet. By last account he had a change of clothes and was doing alright. We assume he has essential medication. My parents and I will be staying by our phones all weekend.

The Halliburton Company is based in Houston. Halliburton and its numerous subsidiaries have been some of the principle suppliers of services to the U.S. Armed Services in Iraq. I wonder if Halliburton execs are excited about the tremendous opportunity to show off their expertise and efficiency by providing facilities and food for the thousands of hurricane refugees showing up in their home town.

In other Halliburton news: Halliburton Co. signed a contract earlier this week to clean up and repair hurricane damage at three Gulf Coast navy bases.

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