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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Eye, Neal, Feelin' Ill

Home today for day 2. Sick. Sick? Am I sick? I feel sick.

We have 2 thermometers here in the home. 1 digital, 1 analog (non-mercury), and neither one has given me a satisfactory temperature reading. I got at least a dozen different readings from the digital thermometer, no two of them the same. And the analog (non-mercury) thermometer, after levering up my tongue for 15 minutes, declared that I had a fever of 98.7 degrees.

Lots of stuff I need to do around the house today though - take clothes to cleaners, work on new script, pay car insurance, prepare for Christmas trip to see family. But do I dare to aggravate these hair-raising symptoms?

Hair-raising symptoms:

- I am warm and dry
- I am warm and clammy
- I have a sore neck from being home sick yesterday staring for hours at the computer
- My eye only photographs in black and white...

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