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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Capeholly Townwood

A fire in the Hollywood Hills blazes out of control for the fourth straight night. Movie stars grieve. Swimming pools boil.

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Looks cool :)


- By Blogger Alex, at Sat Jan 28, 12:45:00 AM GMT  

Wait... there's a fire in my hills and I don't know about it? Why does this always happen and I'm just oblivious to it...

- By Anonymous Athena Stamos, at Sat Jan 28, 04:49:00 AM GMT  

Of course, it's actually the fire on Cape Town's Table Mountain this week - started by too much dry brush...and an arsonist. Sounds a little familiar to us Southern Californians - and looks it.

- By Blogger Neal Romanek, at Sat Jan 28, 06:04:00 AM GMT  

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