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Friday, March 31, 2006

This Way, That Way

This Way, That Way - photo by Neal Romanek

They've noticed each other on the bus 6 times in the past year. She remembers 3 of those times. He doesn't remember any of them and each time he sees her he thinks it's for the 1st time.

Her husband keeps quitting jobs. His girlfriend keeps flirting with his friends and he pretends he doesn't care.

The two of them will share the same city for the next 7 years and will never say a word to each other. After 7 years, he will move to Texas.

Even at age 60 she will periodically remember him, but she will remember him saying "Excuse me" and smiling clumsily as he got off the bus one afternoon - though this has never happened and will never happen. She will marvel at how strange it is that she remembers an anonymous stranger after so many years, and will take pleasure in the memory of his clumsy smile.

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