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Thursday, September 28, 2006

10 UK Culinary Challenges

The 10 Greatest Culinary Challenges
I Have (So Far) Survived In Britain

  1. Chocolate Chip Biscotti of Sobbing and Weeping (Day 1)
  2. Sausage of Sawdust and Paste and Decay (day 3)
  3. Eggs of the Trogolyte Kings (Day 3)
  4. The ur-Bacon (aka "Sahara Road Kill") (Day 4)
  5. The 2nd Worst Cup of Coffee in Christendom (Day 4)
  6. Walker's "Salt & Vinegar Flavour" Potato Crisps (Day 5)
  7. The Worst Cup of Coffee in Christendom (Day 5)
  8. Chili Cheesy Fries of the Damned (Day 6)
  9. Guacamole/Sour Cream/Salsa Compote of Grief (Day 6)
  10. Giant Crab-Apples that look just like Actual Apples (Day 8)


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Waitaminute... are you saying that Walker's Salt & Vinegar Crisps are something that need to be survived?

I rememeber Walker's Crisps with great fondness. My favourite were the Worcester Sauce flavour, which I don't think they make any more.

- By Blogger Robert, at Fri Sep 29, 05:05:00 AM GMT+1  

I have made a terrible mistake!

They were McCoy's crisps, not Walker's! Walker's are the good kind.

My apologies to all the Walkers, especially to my wife who has stood by me during this difficult time.

- By Blogger Neal Romanek, at Sat Sep 30, 02:43:00 PM GMT+1  

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