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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A 300 Review

7 months ago, I reported from Comic-Con that I had seen the most exciting thing ever in my entire life - the preview for the film adaptation of Frank Miller's "300".

But these Comic-Con previews can be misleading.

Oh, such excitement and high-hopes I had for "Van Helsing" (2004), which, based on the thrilling Comic-Con 2003 preview, promised to be an exciting revitalization of and tribute to the Universal horror monsters - instead of a sophomoric, very boring idiot-fest, occasionally made bearable by moments of extreme lousiness.

Did I dare get my hopes up again?

I respect Zack Snyder ... but do I trust him?

Well, Mike Sizemore has seen "300".

Mike Sizemore declares: "It is good."

In fact, Mike Sizemore actually says: "It's great."

I am mad with joy!! - or some other equally manly expression.

Read Mike's review at Londonist.com.

Or ... just watch THE "300" TRAILER.

And if, after watching the "300" trailer, you are not completely blissed out with geek-endorphins (or, as we say, "geedorphins"), then you really have no business reading the rabbit + crow blog , and should hasten back to your MySpace.


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