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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Sean Romanek - Still Trying To Locate

(photo taken July, 2005)

Dear Texans,

As of this writing, my family has not heard from my older brother, Sean, since a brief phone exchange on Thursday in which he conveyed that he was about to board a bus departing from New Orleans to Texas.

We assume he got on that bus, but whether he arrived in Houston or was diverted to another city somewhere, we have no idea.

I got a brief hang-up call this morning, from a phone which Caller ID revealed to have a Florida Keys area code. When I called the number back, I got only a brief "operator-style" recording in Spanish. Phone services in the Southeast are not what they were - as you may have seen on television - so there's no telling who that might have been, though it certainly is possible it was a person with a Florida Keys area code cellphone calling from somewhere in Texas with heaps of good news about my brother's safety and healthy condition. I hope so.

I and my family are concerned because Sean would not have voluntarily been out of touch this long. And there is something of a ticking clock at work. Sean needs daily medication, in strict dosages, to stay healthy. Skipping even one of those dosages could precipitate a relapse and real disaster.

If y'all have any information about my brother, Sean Alan Romanek - 6' 6" slim, white 45-year-old white male with a tattoo on his right forearm - reply to this blog immediately or contact me personally at:




If it's any help - not that I'm asking for special treatment - you may choose to consider the fact that I myself am a Texan, born in Abilene, so...REMEMBER THE ALAMO! And FIND MY BROTHER!

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