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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks died yesterday, at the age of 92. The average life expectancy for black women born in 1913 is in the ballpark of 45 years old. What can we learn from this?

Civil Disobedience keeps you young.

I recently took this thorough and informative Online Health and Life Expectancy Test.

The test foretold that, given my current lifestyle, I would live to be 80.2 years old, which means I should keel over just as they sing Auld Lang Syne on New Years Eve 2047. But if I were to, say, start doing the things I thought were right, acting as if my actions made a difference, and devil take the consequences, as Rosa Parks did in 1955...

...well, then maybe I could live till 2070! And by then, they'll probably have a thing where you can extend your life indefinitely, transfer your mind from one mighty robot brain to another, or rejuvenate organs endlessly. Of course, only the rich and powerful will be able to afford that kind of immortality. I'd better do my best now to build wealth and power, so that when 2070 rolls around, I'll be ready. Yes. Yes, I'll be ready. And then, once I obtain wealth and power, and am then able to have everlasting life, then it's going to be All Civil Disobedience All The Time. I promise.

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