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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dr. Phanagrams

I don't know that much about Dr. Phil McGraw, to tell you the truth.

I've never really observed the famous psychologist counsel a patient with debilitating psychosis, or initiate the grieving process with a couple whose child has been eaten by Great White Sharks. But I feel confident that Dr. Phil is a good man. A good, good man. Otherwise, why would he be on tv?

There is a rigid screening process, you know, for those who have tv shows. Not only must tv icons possess knowledge and wisdom, they must also possess verve and pizzaz (also "pizzazz", also "pizazz"). What a miracle it is when all four traits are alloyed in a single mortal man - or woman!

No, I may not know much about Dr. Phil (except he is from Oklahoma and his dad sold oil drilling equipment in Texas). But one thing I do know - there exist many fine anagrams for "Doctor Phil". Many fine anagrams.

Here are some...

10 Anagrams For "Doctor Phil"

1. Loch Torpid
2. Dr. Hopi Clot
3. Dr. Pith Loco
4. Lot Rico, PhD
5. Clip Hotrod
6. Dr. Lit Pooch
7. Old Itch Pro
8. Orphic Dolt
9. Proto-Child
10. Cold Trip Ho'

What anagrams of "Doctor Phil" can you at home construct?


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