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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fonty Threats

Once again, I'm threatening to change the font.

I have to be honest. I feel embarrassed by my serif font. I feel like if I had a good, smaller sans-serif font, like Arial, people'd start to take me more serious.

All the most popular blogs use Arial or Verdana, and sticking with this serif font - what is it? - Times New Bookman with Georgia Ding-paps, or something? - well, it looks like I just was willing to roll over and accept the font that blogger gave me without a fight.

And it's easier to read a sans-serif font, isn't it? Unless you're talking about signage from a distance - in that case, I believe, serif fonts are preferred.

Yeah, I can feel it coming. Feel it coming on. The change of font. Sans-serif, here I come.

Any day now.

While you're waiting for the great rabbit + crow serif ---> sans-serif changeover, read this enjoyable discussion at typographi.com, called "The Serif is Dying".

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