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Monday, April 03, 2006

Game-writers Showcase

So, of course, all y'all are attending the Scriptwriters Showcase this weekend (April 7, 8, & 9).


At the Sheraton Hotel, Universal Studios, here in Los Angeles?

Presented by Final Draft, and Scr(i)pt Magazine?

If you haven't registered yet, go HERE, and register online. It's $149 for Full Registration, $99 if you're a student. The Scriptwriters Showcase is 3 days of panels, speakers, discussions, Q&A with dozens of writing and producing talents of a caliber well worth our extreme jealousy and ill will - well worth our downright hatred, in fact, and fine subjects for violent revenge fantasies. THAT is how good these writers are.

I will be the moderator of the panel on writing for videogames - 9:30 - 11am on Saturday, April 8. It's called "The Videogame Generation". But don't let that scare you.

The panel will include Aaron Ginsburg & Wade McIntyre ("Call of Duty 2: Big Red One"), John Scott Lewinski ("Command & Conquer"), Dave D. Taylor ("Doom", "Quake") and writer-producer Sean O'Keefe.

I am fascinated by games and game development and have been since I started to grow hair on my privates. And who isn't? I can't be the only one writer who has thought: "This by-the-numbers script I'm working on would be so much cooler as a game." I've written game treatments before. But still, I intend to make the panel my own personal Every-Question-Neal-Ever-Wanted- To-Ask-About-Writing-For-Games tutorial. But if you guys show up this weekend with own your questions...okay...I'll incorporate some of them too. In fact, if you want to email your own questions to the panel - about writing for games, not just "My girlfriend says I smell. What should I do?" - I'll be happy to pass them off as my own, and take all the credit, if they're really good and insightful.

Seriously - setting aside my native obnoxiousness - I will directly pose questions to the panel, and give you full credit if you really want it, etc. Email them - before Friday - to:

(putting "GAMES" in the Subject line = helpful)

But I hope that you'll be there in person.

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This discount code will get the admission fee down from $149 to $125: "WLBL06".

If you search around on the net, you'll likely find one that gets it down to $99, as many organizations have offered codes in the past.

Hope to see you all there!

- By Blogger Warren, at Mon Apr 03, 08:44:00 AM GMT+1  

Thanks for the tip, Warren.

We writers usually don't like to spend $149 in a weekend outside of a bar.

- By Blogger Neal Romanek, at Mon Apr 03, 05:54:00 PM GMT+1  

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