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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Videogame Win

My thanks to Aaron Ginsburg, Wade McIntyre, Sean O'Keefe, and Dave Taylor for their participation today on my panel, The Videogame Generation, at the Scriptwriters Showcase. Picking the brains of these guys for an hour and a half was a graduate seminar on writing for interactive media. My best wishes to John Scott Lewinski who, due to illness, had to bow out of the panel at the last minute.

The Scriptwriters Showcase - on its maiden voyage - has so far proved to be an overwhelming success and I can't imagine they won't do it again next year. Keep an eye out at the Final Draft and Scr(i)pt sites as I'm sure they'll let us know as soon as they do.

With my official moderating duties done, I look forward to a day of goofing off tomorrow - sitting in on panels, schmoozing, and then - at the final networking party - disco dancing like it ain't no tang, BabEe dollZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... and so forth.


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