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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics

Those of us dedicated to creating quality stories of action-adventure, sci-fi, horror - heck, any genre that features more than talking heads - must devote ourselves to careful study of Tom Rogers' very fine essays on Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics (ISMP) at intuitor.com.

In Tom's own words:

Technonerds go to movies strictly for entertainment, and of course, the most entertaining part comes after the movie when they can dissect, criticize, and argue the merits of every detail. However, when supposedly serious scenes totally disregard the laws of physics in blatantly obvious ways it's enough to make us retch. The motion picture industry has failed to police itself against the evils of bad physics. This page is provided as a public service in hopes of improving this deplorable matter. The minds of our children and their ability to master vectors are (shudder) at stake.

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