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Friday, June 23, 2006

H@PpY BD@y 2 da rcB!!!!!!!!

The rabbit + crow blog is 1 year old today.

A year ago today, my friend Attack Cat's vicious insults and sarcastic barbs finally convinced me that I was worthless in every conceivable way, beyond Gollum-wretched, and a waste of other people's oxygen. But he said that I might possibly - just possibly - redeem myself if I were to start a blog.

So I started a blog.

I called this blog the rabbit + crow blog.

I called it this because everything I do I call the "rabbit + crow (thing that I do)". When I vomit, I call it the "rabbit + crow vomit", when I contemplate suicide I call it the "rabbit + crow suicide contemplation", when I hate God for all the atrocities he has committed, I call it the "rabbit + crow hatred of God's atrocities", when I get the guilts, I call them the "rabbit + crow guilts".

As I did promise in the covenent I made with thee, I am presenting a new t-shirt today to celebrate that the blog that I call the "rabbit + crow blog" has made it all the way around the sun without once being boarded by stormtroopers (and not the Nazi stormtroopers, I'm talking about those REALLY SCARY stormtroopers in "Star Wars"!).

My friend Attack Cat once coined a very great slogan.

Or maybe he didn't actually coin it. I'm not sure what it means to "coin" something, to tell you the truth. So I really don't know if he "coined" it or not. Only he knows for sure. Ask him. But when we worked together at the Great Dot Com That Was Going To Revolutionize The Movie Industry But Actually Ended Up Becoming A Cash Cow For A Bunch Of Pudgy White College Boys In Blue Shirts & Ties, he said to me: "You know, if it's not free, it's not worth having."

And I said: "That's great! I'm going to put that on a t-shirt and tell everyone I thought of it."

Of course, that never did happen.

Oh, I did tell everyone that I thought of it, but I never put it on a t-shirt. Even when I started designing and selling shirts last year, I somehow avoided making that one shirt that I was so excited about in the early days.

Afraid that it wouldn't be as good/as fulfilling/as liked as I hoped, I suppose.

Today, in honor of the rabbit + crow blog's 1st birthday, I give you the first iteration of the t-shirt, "If It's Not Free, It's Not Worth Having".

I'm going to post multiple variations on the design over the next days. So if you don't like the colors on this one, check back tomorrow or the day after or the day after or the day after until you see the version you like.

It is delightful - and a little amazing to me - that I actually have readers. ReaderS. That's more than 1! Incredible.

So to you, readers...

...Thank you. Thank you. You read me, and I don't even have to pay you for it. Thank you.

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Soooo, are the t-shirts FREE? ;)

- By Blogger djn, at Sat Jun 24, 02:43:00 PM GMT+1  

Cool slogan but the design looks like a CD - so makes me think this is saying something about "free" music - as in illegally downloaded free copies of music that the other chumps out there go to Tower Records and shell out top $ for.

btw - have you heard the new Ken Buddah album? Totally inflatable, man.

- By Blogger Headly Hufflebagg, at Sat Jun 24, 04:14:00 PM GMT+1  

Aha! Another very excellent observation from djn.

At present, no, the shirts are very very expensive. I myself couldn't be paid enough money to wear the damn thing, but others seem to like it.

And to my friend HH, I would never, ever, ever download music that I didn't pay for unless it was something I liked a lot but didn't want to pay for.

- By Blogger Neal Romanek, at Sat Jun 24, 08:30:00 PM GMT+1  

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Refreshment Room here at Bletchley. My name is Headly Hufflebagg and I'm your compère for tonight.

You know, once in a while it is my pleasure, and indeed my privilege, to welcome here at the Refreshment Room, some of the truly great international bloggers of our time. And tonight we have one such bloggist. Ladies and gentlemen, someone whom I've always personally admired, perhaps more deeply, more strongly, more abjectly than ever before. A man, well more than a man, a god, a great god, whose personality is so totally and utterly wonderful my feeble words of welcome sound wretchedly and pathetically inadequate. Someone whose boots I would gladly lick clean until holes wore through my tongue, a man who is so totally and utterly wonderful, that I would rather be sealed in a pit of my own filth, than dare tread on the same stage with him.Ladies and gentlemen, the incomparably superior human being, Neillez Roomankek!

- By Blogger Headly Hufflebagg, at Sat Jun 24, 08:35:00 PM GMT+1  

Thank you, Teddy Salad.

- By Blogger Neal Romanek, at Mon Jun 26, 05:25:00 PM GMT+1  

The "Great Dot Com That Was Going To Revolutionize The Movie Industry But Actually Ended Up Becoming A Cash Cow For A Bunch Of Pudgy White College Boys In Blue Shirts & Ties."

... otherwise known as "Creative Janet."

- By Blogger Headly Hufflebagg, at Wed Jun 28, 03:01:00 AM GMT+1  

And here is a fine, well written press release glossing over the fat boy swindle ...

CNET News.com http://www.news.com/
Creative Planet Cuts Staff

By Gwendolyn Mariano

Story last modified Wed Jan 02 16:43:56 PST 2002

Online entertainment provider Creative Planet says it has laid off 25 employees out of about 105, marking the third round of layoffs for the 3-year-old company. Chief Executive Allen DeBevoise said the layoffs affected all divisions and are part of the company's efforts "to tighten the ship and essentially get to profitability sooner."

In December, Creative Planet cut 20 percent of its staff despite securing $30 million in funding and adjusting its business model in a move to turn a profit. Four months earlier, the company laid off about 30 employees. Founded in 1998, Los Angeles-based Creative Planet originally aimed to be a Web portal, but switched to a business-to-business model by providing Hollywood producers a central place to search materials for sets, an actor list and other items to create a movie or TV show.

- By Blogger Headly Hufflebagg, at Wed Jun 28, 03:06:00 AM GMT+1  


Thanks for the proof! Proof of EVIL!!!!

- By Blogger Neal Romanek, at Wed Jun 28, 05:02:00 AM GMT+1  

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