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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Comic-Con 2006 - Day 2

Lots of walking.

Saying you did lots of walking at Comic-Con is a bit like saying you did lots of vomiting the first time you drank a fifth of Jack Daniels in a half hour.

Maybe it's not exactly like that. But I think you know what I mean.

Yesterday I attended many fine panels, including the dynamite Costumers Guild Panel #1 which ended the day. Costumers deal with people on an intimate level all day every day. They probably lay hands on actors' bodies for more hours in a day than the actors' partners and spouses. As a result costumers must master people skills. The panel was, uncharacteristic for a Comic-Con panel, on the whole, warm and inclusive. The panelists love what they do and it shines out of them.

But today, no panels at all. Today was all about the flesh-pressing. I talked to artists. And, more importantly, I listened to artists. Cause, you know, when I start yapping, it can get real bad real fast.

There are so many great illustrators at Comic-Con, of all stripes. It's humbling. There are also some really lousy ones too. But seeing them is humbling too - because there they are, at their tables, with their work, showing it. Making it available.

A friend of mine said he believes his purpose in life is simply: 1.) to make art, and 2.) to make it available. A lot of us can do #1. It takes guts to do #2.

One Thing That Worked For Me Today: Seeing Mark Smylie's Archaia Studios Press flourishing.

One Thing That Didn't Work For Me: People suddenly halting in the middle of a river of humanity to answer a cell phone call, creating a log-jam whose effects can be felt all the away across the hall. Not me, of course. I would never do that.


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