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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Comic-Con 2006 - Prelude

When people around the world are suffering, I find it helps to focus intensely on my own personal fears and desires, my own schemes and regrets. After a few minutes of this meditation, I am reminded of how saintly I am and how I deserve everything to go exactly my way, and also how much I am victimized by the unsaintly and the undeserving all around me.

Oh, sure, you may say: "Don't you realize that right now - RIGHT NOW - there are people suffering tremendously? And you - YES, YOU - have a great deal of power to stop it? Much more power than you are led to believe?"

Well, you know what I say to you? I say:

"Shut your filthy mouth I'm going to Comic-Con!! Huzzah!!!"

Attack Cat and me - with Special Guest Deadly Buda - will be heading the heck down to San Diego this evening. With our Drew's Milishamen in position tonight, we can begin shelling at daybreak.

Tonight is Preview Night - a sneak preview of the whole shebang, from 6pm - 9pm, for industry professionals and geeks with 4-day passes. Even though me will be attending as a member of the liberal media, me will probably not be able to make it - unless we can airlift our troops out of the Los Angeles Metro area well before 6pm, and that doesn't seem likely under the present dire circumstances.

I still have to pack, you see. And at this point, I really don't even have clean laundry. Do hotels usually have a coin-operated washer & dryer for you to use. I don't want to have to take stuff to a dry cleaner if I can help it.

Do you think Sergeant Rock ever used a coin-operated washer & dryer? I bet he never, ever did. I bet he washed his clothes in the blood of his enemies.

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