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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Taking Down The Day

Taking Down the Day


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Nice looking sunset way over there in Blitin. Just talked to a coworker just back this morning from London -- said it was uncomfortably overrun with filthy foreigners!

I pray for yours and Janet's safety.

- By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Nov 07, 08:14:00 PM GMT  

There are many foreigners for sure!

For example, I think this man in the photo is some kind of foreign terrorist planting some kind of bomb or other. Naturally, I have reported him to the authorities and his phones have now been tapped and his children questioned and so forth. I feel much safer now ... or I would, if there weren't so damned many of them.

- By Blogger Neal Romanek, at Wed Nov 08, 11:42:00 AM GMT  

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