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Sunday, November 05, 2006


Yes, we've been Walpoling again.

All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray - and the sky is gray. And Janet and I went for a walk and I did not begin to pray, but I did see about 25 crows gathered about in a flock, waiting to dine on our tender Yankee flesh.

Walpole Park is a mile away from us, or less, and features a wide variety of faunas and florae.

Hey, and looking out the window now, I see two dark-furred cats, facing off on the corner of a backyard fence. There is tail wagging. There is silent scowling. They are like lithe and furry sumo wrestlers preparing for the explosive battle that will last only a second or two, but will decide all....

...now both cats have begun staring into the yard next door. CAts have good reflexes, you know, but sometimes their focus drifts.

Lots of animals in the London.

Anyway, back to Walpole Park. They have cats in Walpole Park too, you know. And dogs. People walk their dogs there. They don't walk their cats. Cats don't like to be walked. But we have walked our cat, Cheop, sometimes. He doesn't mind being walked. But he's a strange cat. We're not even sure he is a cat actually. We use a pink collar and leash. He probably doesn't care about the color, but we use it anyway in the hope that it will humiliate him.

At Walpole park there is an enjoyable little series of pens which feature locally rescued animals - among these, an owl, some ducks and geese, a pheasant or two, and two foxes. These are not American foxes, no. No, these are swanging English foxes.

Another fox came into our backyard the other day. It had mange. Foxes are subject to mange, you know. I learned that today from a plaque at Walpole Park.

One of those dark-furred cats is still sitting on the fence. I'm wondering if it isn't a fake cat. One of those scare-cats.

If you go to Walpole Park, you can feed many ducks. Also, pigeons will shit on you.

We gave a squirrel a few peanuts and afterward he followed us as if he couldn't believe we had the gall to stop feeding him. He looked really hurt and loitered around quite a while - to give us a chance to apologize, I guess.

Very entitled squirrel.

In the London they have pigeons the size of ducks.

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