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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Third World Snow

Tanita Tikaram on. "Ancient Heart"

This is such a nice album - and it's not just the nostalgia factor talking.

It snowed a week ago. Or was it two weeks ago? We woke up to find a light layer of white on it all. It was that carefully deposited snow, snow that had fallen particularly and slowly and quietly and so by morning was beautifully balanced on tree banches and ledges and telephone wires.

january snowOur cats had never seen snow.

I'm still not sure if they've seen it.

Cats are not dogs, you might have noticed. Dogs have language abilities, are able to think abstractly. If you point out at the window at the snow, a dog will understand the pointing symbol and the indication of direction and will look to where you are pointing. Whereas a cat will stare at you, wondering why you have extended your arm and your finger, and then seeing no real reason for your idiotic behavior, will walk away, exposing its asshole to you.

The United Kingdom is the world's most expensive Third World Country.

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