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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cats Of London

Oh, yes. There are cats in London.

Dick Whittington had a cat, you know. And he was Londonish.

We brought our own cats to London. All three of them. They are called The V3 - because they lived on Vermont Avenue, and they were 3. Now they live on Windsor Road, but they don't want to bother changing all their stationery to "The W3", so they're just keeping the old name. You may read about the exciting adventures of The V3 In London at:

The V3 In London (http://v3london.blogspot.com)

london catBut there are plenty of other cats here too. There's a black & white cat who sometimes traipses through the overgrowth in the front garden.

There's a grey tabbycat who goes in and out of the blue door directly across the street from us.

And there is a three-legged cat too who lives next door. He doesn't let his handicap slow him down at all. He scampers and chases with the best of them.

I think he may have lost the leg in the War. I know he draws a comfortable pension.

On a walk round the hood the other day, I was accosted by a white long-haired cat who had been sitting on the front step of a retirement home. He tried to sell me a subcription to the Workers Weekly, what with it being May Day and all. I reported him to the police and he was arrested. You can't be too careful.

The V3 are strictly indoor cats. We don't let them out because we don't want them mixing with the local rabble and getting funny ideas in their heads.

Take it from me, that's the last thing you need when you've moved to a new country - a houseful of cats with funny ideas in their heads.

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