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Friday, March 30, 2007

Shoot Camera Not Peoples

I have two articles due next week for a major European broadcasting publication.

But I'm not writing them.

Why not?

Could it be that I just don't care about the money?

Or is it more than that?

Some might say I'm "procrastinating", but you know what I say to them?

I say: "Stop using the word PROCRASTINATING! You learned that word in fifth grade and since then you haven't been able to leave it alone! It made you sound smart for about two weeks. Now it makes me want to smack you."

No. No. It's not procrastination. In fact ... could it be ...

... could it be that, actually ... I have great Wisdom? Could it be that I see a way that my article about High Definition cameras might, just might, resolve the violence in the Middle East?

Some people say I'm being being over-ambitious in wanting to achieve peace in the Middle East through my High Definition camera articles. Others have called me arrogant, presumptuous. Others have called me a "silly ass".

Yet, I believe we must try to strive to attempt toward peace in the world, through whatever it is our daily works. My daily works - at least this week - is to write these two articles, one of which - as I said - is about HD cameras.

That Grass Valley Viper is one helluva camera.

I guess I'm a little intimidated. That's it. I'm nervous. I don't really have an angle on how the Viper can help achieve peace in the Middle East. But I know it can. I know it can.

If living these many years in the United States of the Americas has taught me one thing, it's that technology is our only hope for peace. It is a historical fact that less technologically developed nations are more barbaric and less peace-loving than those countries that embrace new technological technology solutions.

I suppose that's the angle that I have to take.

Maybe I'll try to demonstrate in my article how top-end HD cameras rate in terms of their "peace powerfulness". One star for the least peaceful-making cameras (Panasonic!) and five stars for the most peaceful-making cameras (Grass Valley Viper FilmStream??).

Yes. Yes.

I will call the article ...

"Shoot Cameras Not People".


"Shoot Cameras Not People".

Good. That's a real relief. Because I really want to get this whole Middle East trouble out the way sooner rather than later.

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neal the shortest path to world prosperity is world peace-or in this case, HD Photography-so the shortest path to world prosperity is the snke grass viper. Prosperity is more interesting than peace anyway+sean

- By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Apr 03, 10:48:00 PM GMT+1  

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