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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Feed Me, Seymour-Crow!

In an effort to make it even easier for you to worship us ... yes ... to worship us! ...

... or alternatively, to keep tabs on us so you can call the cops if necessary, the r + c blog is introducing an RSS-feed-by-mail system "powered by FeedBlitz!".

In plain language this means you can sign up to get new rabbit + crow blog posts delivered directly to your email, rather than having to come here to the site to check for updates.

Of course, there are advantages to coming here - boosting our traffic, for one - but, to tell you the truth, if I was a rabbit + crow blog reader - and I am, I'm not ashamed to say it - I'd want the option of having posts sent to me rather than having to do all the legwork myself.

Give it a try:

Enter an email address ...

... then hit the "Subscribe me!" button :

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