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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Lepus californicus

Normally I wouldn't work on a Sunday, because when you work on a Sunday, God comes and burns down your house. But my conscience, my burning, burning conscience, searing, burning, infernal conscience would not let me rest.

I am a liar. Such a liar.

Oh, why can I not stop lying? It's like a...a sickness, a disease, an ailment, an affliction, an ague, etc. I keep lying and lying, even though I am in danger of losing my credibility, of becoming known as a "Boy Who Cried Wolf Hare".

I must now openly declare to one and all - to all my loyal, trusting, sweet, innocent, unsuspecting readers - that not only is there no such thing as the Cutting Hare (Lepus lupus, aka the Wolf Hare), but that there is also no such thing as the African Brush Hare (Lepus saurensis, native of Tanzania). I have lied about it all. All of it! Heaven have mercy on my wretched soul!

The animal that has been pictured in both of these my vile dissemblages (from Old French "dissemblages") is in fact the common, good ol' American Black-tailed Jackrabbit (Lepus californicus) - which is a type of a hare actually.

My apologies to God, my family, the Cutting Hare, the Brush Hare, and most importantly to the Jackrabbit himself, who has been a pillar of fortitude and patience throughout this trying time.

Let us all join together to give the Jackrabbit an ovation - a standing ovation - lest we forget that without the Jackrabbit, there would be no...

(image used without any permission from Warner Bros. Inc. whatsoever)


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Oddly enough, Bugs appears to be a crossbreed of both the Cutting Hare and the Brush Hare or its close cousin the Comb Hare.

- By Blogger Rob, at Mon Aug 08, 09:11:00 AM GMT+1  

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