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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sean Romanek - Escape From New Orleans

News, finally, from my brother, Sean:

The last we heard from him, Thursday, he was in New Orleans, about to board a bus for Houston. But - as we had feared - he never got on that bus. It may have been around the time that the Houston Astrodome had reached capacity and the evacuation had to be rethought, or possibly he was just standing in a very, very, very, very long line that he only reached the end of last night.

My parents got a call from Sean this afternoon. They then called me to say that he had been at the New Orleans Convention Center, until late last night, when he was finally evacuated to Texas, arriving there around 4am this morning. Having told authorities that he had family who would fly him out of the area, my brother was shuttled to Fort Smith, Arkansas. He called my parents from there, and a flight was arranged immediately.

Sean is scheduled to get on a flight this afternoon, from Fort Smith to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, then another flight from Dallas/Forth Worth to Washington Dulles International Airport in northern Virginia, where my family will meet him (they are buying a big "welcome cake" as we speak).

No one in my family is likely to be sad today, though I imagine there will be plenty of tears.

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