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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Holiday Sale

All T-shirts - as well as non-T items- at the RABBIT + CROW SHOP have been viciously slashed!

Their prices, that is, have been brutally hacked. Once towering costs have been cut down to size in a ruthless and cold-blooded cutting-down manner. Wherefore? Fore-cause it's the Holiday Season and we want you to buy stuff, lots of stuff. We want you to have it. We'd give it to you for free if we could. But we can't. Because we are greedy. But we are giving you a big discount, so stop complaining. We have to eat too. Just like the coyotes.

The NEW DESIGN will be available, as usual, on the first of the month, but that too will be available at fir tree-chopping low, low holiday prices.

My great dream at film school was to be an editor.

Go to the RABBIT + CROW SHOP now and spend less than you would have spent yesterday! Remember, the more you spend, the less you'll be spending!

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