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Monday, January 02, 2006

Coffee Catastrophe

My coffee is not satisfactory.

Rainy morning. I make a pot of coffee. I eagerly anticipate the wonderment of caffeine bliss - or the bliss of caffeine wonderment, either way is fine.

I put the mug to my lips...

...and YEUCH.

Is there anything worse? Seriously, I ask you: is there anything on earth worse than anticipating a delicious cup of coffee, taking the first sip, and being struck in the face with the fact that something went horribly awry in the brewing process?

No. There is no thing worse.

I think it might be the new beans.

Could this be an omen for 2006? Could 2006 be a year with great promise, yet yielding sub-par flavor.

I'll take a second sip...

The second sip isn't as bad. Still pretty bad though. We are approaching the moment of Great Decision: Do I make a fresh pot? Or do I take the Third Sip, which may be the one that convinces me the coffee is drinkable?

What to do? What to do?

I have taken the third sip...

It's not bad.

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