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Friday, February 24, 2006

Blackberry Birthday Cake For Two

Today my dad is 75 years old. Which means he only has 25 more years left.

Today my wife and I reentered couples therapy? Why? Because our marriage is really good and we want to make it even better. That sounds plausible, right? Yeah. I think I'll stick with that one.

But seriously, volks, we seek perfection in all things, my wife and me, and we want to try to iron our possible problems now before they turn up in twenty years down the line with us wondering what happened to our son who was such a nice boy before he joined that hunting club and starting drinking all that cheap hooch.

Still haven't replaced my broken cell phone.

I'm thinking of getting a Blackberry. Tomorrow may be the day.

Blackberry info anyone?

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You might want to read this before you run out and buy a Blackberry:


- By Blogger Rob, at Fri Feb 24, 08:49:00 AM GMT  

I have never used the blackberry, but I love my treo phone, its a 600 and think the new ones will make you breakfast.

The theraputic pre-emptive first strike is a bold move. Its kind of like an IRA, paying for therapy with pre-crisis dollars should really add up by the time you retire.

I thought of you last night as I was watching a PBS tribute to Graham Chapman. All the Pythons recounted their memories and they played all the classics. Sense memory brought me back during the Parrot sketch to a long run at the Ceasars lake in August, trying to take our minds off the next 6 miles and the next mile and a half until water. "He's pinin' for the fiords"

- By Anonymous Art, at Fri Feb 24, 03:31:00 PM GMT  

Rob, thanks for the link. I just learned about this ruckus this week in my researching. It might be just fine if the J-dub and I were moving to England tomorrow, but it's probably going to be another 8 months.

Art, yes it is preemptive therapy. Get them before they get you! But who are they? They could be anyone! And the idea that I ever had the lung capacity to do Monty Python sketches AND long distance running simultaneously is staggering to me, since I now get winded walking up a flight of steps.

- By Blogger Neal Romanek, at Fri Feb 24, 06:51:00 PM GMT  

Wow, this really proves the "simultaneous" idea theory. I was asking about Blackberry on my blog!

- By Blogger writergurl, at Sat Feb 25, 06:47:00 PM GMT  

It's a Blackberry flavored zeitgeist.

- By Blogger Neal Romanek, at Sun Feb 26, 01:30:00 AM GMT  

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