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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New T-Shirt Day - This Is NOT...

Yes, it's the 1st - time for me to shove another original t-shirt design down your throat. This month, in honor of the global laugh-fest sparked by the publishing of cartoons of the founder of a religion whose tenets forbid this founder's depiction in any form, I will be putting one of my own irritating Jesus Cartoons on a t-shirt - and greeting card - and coffee cup.

I do this not to provoke people, but to make them THINK. Because, remember - don't forget - THINK is an anagram for "To Hate Inky Nothings (is) Kooky". Wait, no, it's not an "anagram", it's a "RADAR". It's a "pun". What is it? A "rothchilde"? What the hell's that thing called when each letter represents a word. Like DARPA. Or PNAC. Or TIA. Or MNFTIU. Damn. Can't remember it. I could look it up, but I just don't care that much. I know y'all dig my drift anyhow, and that's the important thing.

But back to the deliberately provocative t-shirt: You're all familiar with Magritte's famous "This is not a pipe" (but in French) painting, well ...

Ceci n'est pas une Jesu

Buy it. Wear it to church. No, I'm serious. Wear the damn thang to church.

A "solipticene"? "A sauropod"? What IS that thing called? An "anabuse"? ...

Happy Ash Wednesday!

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A crony nimbly writes whole screenplays but needs help with a single word? With the power of the internet it should work like a giant spellchecker filling it in as we think it. It should solve the third act problem too.

- By Anonymous Art, at Wed Mar 01, 08:20:00 PM GMT  

An ACRONYM! It's called an ACRONYM!

- By Blogger Neal Romanek, at Fri Mar 03, 03:54:00 AM GMT  

ha. I like that shirt

- By Blogger cc, at Fri Mar 03, 05:57:00 AM GMT  

Il est une pullover tres bizarre et mui bueno por les garcons et filles chic, non?

- By Blogger Neal Romanek, at Fri Mar 03, 07:49:00 PM GMT  

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