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Thursday, April 13, 2006

ScriboMeme 2: To Verb or Not To

Another ScriboMeme. This one conceived by Brett at A Bucket of Love.

For those naught in the no, a ScriboMeme is a "meme" (a word which literally means "thingie") for and by Scribos (writers - primarily writers of entertainments).

Brett's fine ScriboMeme is an invitation to list the first 10 verbs in your latest screenplay, the idea being that if your opening verb list runs anything like "is, is, will be, might, protruded, is, is ..." you may need a rewrite. On the other hand, if your list is "thrusts, fondles, screeches, masticates, splatters..." you're on the right track.

I figure it is also a test of moral fiber, for who would not want to tweak the verbs, oh just a little bit, before presenting them to the public?

So here goes:

The First 10 Verbs of "Fortune and the Devil"

  1. raise
  2. rotate
  3. sharpen
  4. wind
  5. fit
  6. draw
  7. polish
  8. slide
  9. slide
  10. exits

And I better publish this post now before the urge to verb-tweak takes hold.

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