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Monday, May 01, 2006

Debris Raft of the Imagination - podcast


"After the tragic downing of the Dirigible of the Imagination, I drifted, clinging to the wreckage, for I know not how long. Night and day melded together into one gray continuum - a continuum I came to call "naghy".

"At length, 'pon the horizon, an island did appear, of most singular and foreboding character. The reef-racked currents ushered my flotsam sanctuary shoreward until the island's mighty rocky outcroppings outcropped above me outcroppingly.

"And so I began to podcast ..."

Click HERE to listen.
  • Somewhere between Argentina & Kamchatka
  • Mysterious rock outcroppings
  • Lieutenant Guy Swimware & "Jude The Obscure"
  • Shark vs. Scotsman
  • It's a SKULL!

Episode 1 of the Imagination | Episode 3 of the Imagination

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