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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happying of this New Year's

Happy non-Chinese, non-Hebrew, non-Islamic New Year, dear readers!

(inadvertently wrote "dear reader" there)

Not to rub it in, but I've had a fine 2006. You may remember - or not - the "trailer" posted here at the beginning of 2006, giving you a taste of what the year would be like. We promised podcasts and Comic-Con and more. And we didn't do badly on delivering our promises. Not an A+, but not a C- neither. Kind of B+, but with some extra-credit work pumping it up into the A regions.

Check & give your own grade:

2007, however, will feature an actual Mailing List, so you won't have to go back and check the first post of the year every time you want to find out what's coming up. Instead, you'll be cheerfully prodded by regular spam-like emails telling you every little thing I'm up to. Stuff like: "This weekend Neal will be appearing live at London's "Forbidden Planet", lurking in a corner, chuckling in an unsavory manner", or "This month you can buy Neal Romanek's new shirt design at ---- , the very design in which he was arrested in the Tottenham Court Road."

I thank you all very, very much for your ongoing reading - and your commenting, of course - and I wish you light and love and peace for 2007.

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