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Sunday, May 20, 2007


You know you love to look at pictures.

We all do. We all love to look at them.

I myself tend to like to look at moving pictures. But there are also non-moving ("still") pictures you can look at.

I take still pictures, you know. Or "take" isn't the best word really. Let's say, instead: "I make still pictures."

But I don't make as many moving pictures as I ought. All those years at the best film school in the world and hour after wretched hour of honing my screenwriting talents, and some days I feel like I'm squandering it all. But there's still time. Plenty of time. It's not like I have a baby on the way or anything.

But what I wanted to alert you of - or alert you to- what I wanted to alert you all about was that there's a new Neal Romanek Photos & Images Gallery up. At the time of this writing it's in a beta (i.e., test, with no money back guarantees) version.

Landing IVThese new pictures pages use open source Gallery2 software, easily uploaded to your web server. Gallery2 is quite configurable and allows for multiple photo albums by multiple users. Using Gallery2, you and your friends and their friends could all exchange images privately and no one would ever, ever know. Of course, you could do the same using Buzznet or Flickr or PhotoBucket - but it wouldn't be yours. All yours! And we like things that are ours. All ours. I'm not sure why, we just do.

This new Photos & Images Gallery is mine - all mine. And you can send e-cards! And, in so doing, spread joy throughout the world via images of the downtrodden and homeless of Hollywood Blvd, while at the same time serving me in my clever marketing strategy.

Another feature, soon to be available, is a Ratings System, by which you can rate each individual photo from 1 to 5 stars.

Did I mention you can send e-cards?

Check it out now:

The New (currently beta version) Neal Romanek Image Gallery

The old gallery, and the Buzznet page will continue to operate as usual - for months to come at the least - but it's likely that by this time next year all of my pictorial material will be on the site at the link above.

Test fly it. Enjoy yourself. Let me know what you think.

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