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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bomb Schmomb

Two cars containing "bombs" were discovered here in London yesterday. The fact that they employed gasoline/petrol as an explosive device clearly points to a Middle Eastern connection - because the Middle East is where all the gasoline comes from. It also points to an idiocy connection, because as any self-respecting terrorist knows, liquid gasoline makes for a lousy explosive.

Now if you can get that gasoline vaporized first ... YEEHAW!!!

But based on information so far available, there was no means to do this in either car.

I know you're used to seeing cars roll down hills and burst into flame in movies. Or people shouting "Run! Run! This whole place is gonna blow!" as a fuel drum is threatened by a growing fire. But that's the movies.

In the movies bad guys wear black and good guys wear white so you know who to root for. This happens on television too. But this doesn't happen in real life. In real life you have to watch the news to know who to root for.

I don't know who Al Qaeda is - I don't think anybody really does - but unless they've been starved for recruits over the past few years - and are employing bottom-of-the-barrel flunkies on their highest-priority jobs - this parking violation gone awry can be ruled out as their attempted attack on one of crusader capitals.

I wish it was Al Qaeda. Because the alternative is far more frightening - a bunch of uneducated idiots driving around the country hoarding gasoline and taking up the best parking spots.

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