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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Child Report

So we have a child now. A girl child.

I have avoided any lengthy discourse in the rabbit + crow blog about the coming and birthing, and rearing now, of the child. I suppose I wanted to respect my privacy and not keep butting in, exploiting things here for personal gain at the expense of myself and my privacies.

Tony Pierce however would be disgusted - if he read my blog. I think that he would think that my avoiding writing about becoming and being a dad is a betrayal of myself, is a cowardly retreat into the pseudo-safety of the life of smoke and mirrors, is a slap in the face to my fellow bloggers who are all really putting it all out there for all to see.

Why, you can be certain the GirlWithAOneTrackMind wouldn't duck writing about her new child. She'd use it as an opportunity to teach, to inform the publics. Perhaps to teach and inform them exactly how to keep having sex right up to the moment of delivery.

But when my child vomited in my ear this morning, I got to thinking how undignified all my sneaking around has been.

So from now on ...


Both my wife and I have dual citizenship - we are citizens both of the great nation of America and also of the great nation of Europe. And we wanted to pass this nationality on to our child, whatever creed or color they might be, which is one of our many reasons for moving to London.

Also, we believe the US is a sinking ship - and we are rats. The Euro is where it's at, man. Why, you couldn't pay me to work for US dollars anymore. Unless you paid me a whole lot of them. In cash. The Euro is the future! For a couple more years anyway, and then the Euro will be out and the Yuan will be the future. But this isn't about money, it's about childs.

So here we are, crass Americans, with our pushy crass American ways. And not just any Americans, no. We're not Nicaraguan or Lakota, or Canadian or Argentine. No, we are USA-ers! With a Brit baby-child. Better than that. A Londoner baby-child!

Why, I see a sitcom coming on!

It's called "What The Hell's A 'Pram'?"

Stay tuned!

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congrats on your new edition!

and yes, writers should write about whatevers in their life

f the public!


- By Blogger tony, at Mon Jul 16, 07:41:00 AM GMT+1  


You are like Beetlejuice - without having to say your name 3 times.

And yes. F them! F them, I say!

- By Blogger Neal Romanek, at Mon Jul 16, 07:28:00 PM GMT+1  

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