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Friday, November 02, 2007

New Job & New Strike

Just as the Writers Guild Of America prepares to strike, I have signed a contract to write a new movie.

I'm not a WGA member at present, and the production company isn't a guild signatory, and I live in London, and the company is in South Africa, etc. 

But still, I have called the WGA just to make sure I'm okay to work on the project, because the next time I'm in the Los Angeles I want to be able to use the Writers Guild's superb library without getting spat upon. I'm 99% sure I'm in the clear, but I want to nail down that last 1%.

The WGA advice department promised to get back to me as soon as possible on the matter - which, given the ruckus this week, might be some time. But there's plenty of research material to keep me busy before I will be putting pen to paper. And yes, I do sometimes use pen and paper. Quite often actually.

Even Sky News reported on the strike this evening, the anchorman and entertainment correspondent (live from, for some reason, New York) both grinning like MC's at a swimsuit competition, joking about how the usually meek, awkward, introverted writers seemed to be standing up for the themselves, for a change. I suppose you can't fault a big media company like Sky for belittling workers striking against the power of big media companies. It got my goat though is all I'm saying. 

Would they say the same kind of thing about steel workers: "Isn't it marvelous how these dumb, uneducated laborers can join together for a common cause, just like us normal  people?"


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