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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Screenplay Blitz - Day 2

Yesterday, I learned how to use Audioblogger to post audio/voice content on the rabbit + crow blog. And while this is not technically part of the Screenwriting Process, I feel it was a necessary step in my evolution as a human being and artist.

I got no writing done yesterday. None at all.

But I have an explanation, Your Honor.

I was giving some feedback on a friend's script. Warren Hsu Leonard's new finished spec. And that's important, right? Isn't supporting our colleagues important? I think it is. Because, you see, in helping others, we are actually helping ourselves. Or that's what I've heard people say. And it sounds really convincing when they say it.

But TODAY...Yes, TODAY is moving along in different fashion...so far...

7:30 AM - woke up, showered, said bye to wife and cats
8:00 AM - ate breakfast at House Of Pies
8:15 AM - sat with legal pad and pen at local coffee shop and wrote...and wrote...and wrote...
10:15 AM - packed up, came home, did blog post...

...which brings us to the present.

Plan for the rest of the day...

- Goof off
- Spend 2 hours this afternoon typing in scenes written this morning on legal pad
- Goof off some more
- Possibly watch "Kwaidan" (1964)
I'll keep you posted.


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