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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Screenplay Blitz - Day 4

Didn't get up till late today - near 11AM. I'd like to say that my Christmas cold still hasn't entirely dissipated and that I needed the rest. So I'm going to say that. That's what I say: My Christmas cold still hasn't entirely dissipated and I needed the rest.

But when I did get up, I showered, made coffee, ate Grape Nuts, and sat down at the computer.

Yesterday I didn't get to typing in the scenes I'd written longhand in the morning. I intended to sit down at the computer yesterday evening and enter all into Final Draft. But I waited too long. My wife got home and that was the end of all screenwriting. I thought I might sit down to do that work once she had gone to bed - hoped I might. But the fact is - and repeated experience has borne this out - that if it's a choice between hanging out with my wife in the evening vs. screenwriting, hanging out w/wife will win every time.

I can fight it. I can try not to act on it. I can try to choose Screenwriting over Wife. But I have found the most reliable method to be acceptance of that fact and then adjusting of my schedule accordingly. If I know I'm going to want to hang out with my wife in the evening, then I'd better find a way to get all the work done before she gets home. And there was plenty of time yesterday to get all the work done.

Today, this morning, I spent two hours typing in yesterday's scenes. And typing those scenes brought up all kinds of new ideas. There's more to type, but now that evening has rolled in, I doubt I'll be get around to that.

So, only two hours of work today - but two productive hours.

Plan for tomorrow:

- Get over to the coffee shop at noon
- Write longhand for two hours
- Type hand-written scenes into Final Draft before nightfall

I'll keep you posted.


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