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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Neal Romanek's Lurgy

Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with
Neal Romanek's Lurgy
Cause:exposure to radiation
Symptoms:embarrassing noises, high temperature, hand tremors, frequent gills
Cure:take seven aspirin every day for the rest of your life
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You are suffering from Johnny Turk's Syndrome.

Cause: spread by rats

Symptoms: guilt, inability to pronounce letter 'c', aphasia

Cure: infect someone else

- By Blogger Headly Hufflebagg, at Thu Jun 29, 05:31:00 AM GMT+1  

You are suffering from Johnny Turk's Syndrome.

Cause: railways smashed by gay blond egomaniac from "Blittin."

Symptoms: compulsion to sack villages, rape prisoners.

Cure: artillery

- By Blogger Sheddy Shuttlemann, at Thu Jun 29, 02:30:00 PM GMT+1  

"My syndrome is for my friends."

- By Blogger Neal Romanek, at Thu Jun 29, 08:13:00 PM GMT+1  

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