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Friday, June 08, 2007

Sorry, Your Filmic Majesty

Alright, I apologize for saying that Britain has no film industry. I realize that must have been very hurtful to Britain. And, let's face it, it's my own arrogance and intolerance of Others that brought me to my mispokenness and unrashness of mispeechisms.

Britain has a lot going for it movie industry-wise! I mean, it's got Madonna barefoot and pregnant. What more could a film industry ask for?

Truthfully, many - if not most - of my favorite (or favourite) directors have been British. In fact, this may have contributed to my lack of A-List Superstardom in the L.A.-based industry. It's not that they don't revere British talent in the US, it's just that they would prefer you say in your pitch "It's going to be like a Tony Scott movie", rather than "It's going to be like a Tony Richardson movie". One simple reason being that most studio employees have never heard of Tony Richardson, and regard Tony Scott as one of the old masters.

So, yeah, sorry 'bout all that, mate.

Let's just do a Top 10 List and sing "Kum Bay Yah" ...

Neal's Top 10 Favorite (or Favourite) British Directors
  1. John Boorman
  2. Kenneth Branagh
  3. Alfred Hitchcock
  4. David Lean
  5. Lawrence Olivier
  6. Michael Powell
  7. Richard Lester
  8. Mike Leigh
  9. Carol Reed
  10. Ridley Scott

Apologies too to Tony Richardson, who did not make the list.

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