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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Here and There

I dreamed of riding a bicycle last night.

And I dreamed of a girl with a skateboard.

And I dreamed I jumped into an ascending elevator, just before the doors shut, and as the elevator rose, the walls closed in tighter and tighter till my shoulders were the only thing wedging them apart.

I often dream of conveyances. Means of transportation. Trains, buses. Elevators, planes. I am often in a foreign country or city. Or am about to leave for one. Travel and movement, getting to and from places, getting there and back again. Often there is a ticking clock in these travels. For example, I am in England, enjoying a vacation, but must get back to Los Angeles tomorrow morning for work. In other dreams I am driving cross-country (a favorite activity) but must drive several thousand miles without stopping if I am to make it home in time for...? - and with 1500 miles to go, I realize I am exhausted and blind drunk.

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I am always in America, in my dreams.


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