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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Rabbit vs. Crow Movie

Mark at Copperhill Films has kindly granted rabbit + crow blog permission to present his fine nature clip entitled:

"Attack of the Deadly Terror Crows
and the Courageous, Helm's Deep-like Defense
of a Lone Hero Rabbit"



click to view the film; right-click to download
Mark said:

"I get a lot of hits from the video search engines for that video...The crows around here love to eat the young of any animal that they can carry off and the rabbit is trying to protect its young from the hungry birds."

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It turns out listing what you watch does give movie watching and what's gained or lost a better place in memory.

Lists are good. Lists are not writing.

Rabbits are good. Crows are not rabbits.

Rabbits are not writing. No wait, see the last last 30 min. of Wedding Crashers. More crows, please.

Good luck on the screenplay writing Tour de Mind - it's like riding a bike - every waking hour every day. Salut!

- By Blogger John David Roberts, at Wed Jan 18, 07:17:00 PM GMT  

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