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Monday, January 16, 2006

Screenplay Blitz - Day 6

Spent a nice chunk of the cool clear day at Golden Apple Comics and at the fine new Silverlake comic store, The Secret Hideout, researching, studying, absorbing...buying.

But I did get myself back to the computer to type in the remainder of the hand-written script pages, which led to some embellishment of those same pages.

I succumbed to one of the great dangers of writing in the home - internet access. So the last half of my two-hour writing stint was actually spent doing research online for elements in the script.

Normally, I would put "doing research" in quotes, except that in this particular instance I really was doing research - into Puritan New England; ostrich farms; the topography, geography and landscape of Western Massachusetts; the Trevi Fountain. If those elements don't make for a soul-searing horror film for the ages, then I just don't know what.


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