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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Screenplay Blitz - Day 7

Today is the 7th and Final Day of the Screenplay Blitz. Tomorrow: back to work at the Archive.

I spent an hour this morning working on the computer, cleaning up the script so that my screenwriting homies (whom I trust as far as I can throw them - they are all against me - but one day they shall suffer), will be in a position to give me optimal feedback. I will distribute the pages to them tomorrow using a digital internet script distribution solution (DISDS).

Writing is hard. The Screenplay Blitz was hard - even though I don't feel like it really was much of a blitz. The blitz(krieg) is an attack in which a lot of ground is covered very quickly. I have about 30 pages of script done after a week. But I'm on the fence as to whether 30 pages is a lot of ground or no.

It is obvious to all - but most especially to my loved ones, whom I have let down again - that I did not write enough. I did not put in enough time or effort. I did badly. I'm lazy. I am ashamed of myself. I am a wretched failure.
(for those not familiar with the Screenwriting Process, these sentiments are an essential part of the screenwriter's methodology and are mandatory utterances at the completion of any part of the work, up to and including the day after receiving an Academy Award)

(Charlie Kaufman is a GREAT screenwriter because he begins the mandatory utterances even before he has started the script - such talent)

Plan for tomorrow:

- do a little polishing on the laptop in the morning, at the Starbuck's, before heading to the special secret workingplace of filmology.
- send pages out to the Select Comrades in the afternoon.
- read the crap myself and try not to cry

Thanks for watching "Screenplay Blitz: Season One"!


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