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Saturday, July 01, 2006

New Goo Reviews

Since it seems we may be coming near the conclusion of the Wretched Goo of The Imagination podcasts - assuming there will be 12 episodes in all - and I'm not saying there are going to be 12 episodes. I'm just saying that if there were 12 episodes, we might be coming to the end of them ...

... if there were 12 episodes.

But I'm not saying for sure or not that there will be 12 episodes.

But if there were...

Since that it seems that may be happening perhaps, I thought it'd be fun to post some reviews of the Wretched Goo podcasts that have appeared in various publications over the past few months.

Here's what them are saying about Neal Romanek's triumphant "Wretched Goo of the Imagination" action/adventure/soundscape/comedy podcasts!:

"...juvenile nonsense..."
- Louis Tegwest, Spirg County Examiner

"If you adore dinosaurs, space aliens, and movies, you will be cured by listening to this execrable podcast."
- P. Jackumondi, www.gorille.com

"Someone told me the Rabbit + Crow podcasts were like 'Monty Python meets David Attenborough on acid'. In truth, they are more like David Attenborough's friend Monty talking about his phobia of pythons while on acid."
- David Charrick, Die Reviewer

"The 'Wretched Goo of the Imagination' podcasts are inaccurately named, for there is nothing gooey about them."
- J. McSee, podcastit.org

"They drove me mad."
- Harry

"Elaborate sound design and exotic settings ... don't make the shows any more palatable."
- Carol Levitopp, Psychology Weekly Today

"I would never, ever carry off a man like that. Ridiculous."
- Quetzalcoatlus northropi

"I liked de paht whea he peed in hiss spacesuit."
- Gov. A. Schwarzenegger

"The little man who plays Neal Romanek on the shows is very realistic-sounding."
- Nicholas Sturges, Drama Rama Magazine

"Genius. Sheer genius. Sheer comic genius. Sheer sublime comic genius. Sheer sublime poetic comic genius."
- Neal Romanek

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